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In my previous blog post titled ‘Arduino/Motor control from variables in UE4 – Part 1‘, I set up an animated object within UE4 and I used the Y positional values to send information to the Arduino to trigger lights at certain positions. Whist this wasn’t too complicated, it was a step towards sending specific values to...
So far, I’ve figured out how to read inputs from sensors and controls (buttons) from the Arduino to UE4 (can be found in the blog post titled ‘Arduino to UE4’), and figured out how to trigger the Arduino to execute commands based on UE4 events (can be found in the blog post titled ‘UE4 Event Driven...
So far, I have been playing around with controller driven UE4 connections, where the Arduino acts as a platform to control elements within UE4. I’m also interested in using UE4 interactables to drive physical electronics, as this might be useful when trying to sync up physical and virtual camera settings. A simple Arduino Servo tutorial in...
I’m interested in interfacing with UE4 in a variety of different ways. Part of my interests stems from my passion for both Film VFX, as well as Games and Game Engine stuff. I just can’t decide which one I like more… so I figure why not try and mix the two. Virtual cinematography is taking off,...
Introduction This website is set up to track my Option by Negotiated Study development progression work for my Masters at Staffordshire University. This module focuses on developing technical skills in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) to strengthen my capabilities to produce content for future modules. The project specific focus for this module is to perform some Research...
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