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I tend to create posts about projects I’m working on, or things I am learning, and always fall short of publishing it. Part of the issue is I try and jam too much content into the posts, making them quite large and difficult to complete. I’ll try and fix that for the future.

I made a thing… Playing with Substance Designer

I wanted to get some practice with Substance Designer, so I picked a surface which seemed achievable with my limited skills. This was a post office box which could change dynamically to suit various configurations.

Reference image of Australian GPO Box

Final substance material made with variable configurations.

As you can see, the substance material is unfinished, as it is not textured yet. I was quite happy managing to get it to be dynamic, as there were some real barriers to do with simple tiling, where I had to create three separate substance materials basically, and blend them together.

Issues included:

  • Tiling stretched borders, hinges and shapes
  • If I managed to manually do the middle details and stretch the borders, they wouldn’t align correctly
  • Understanding the nodes and scale control of individual elements

In any case, the base form is done, and works at the moment. Perhaps I can do a deconstruction of the material later down the track.

So, I did a post! Hurrah!

– Jarrad

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